Protect Your Off Road Vehicle Adventures

The thrill of operating an Off Road Vehicle can take you places you’ve never seen before. And many times, those places can take a strike against you and put a stop to your hair-raising adventure. Off Road Vehicle Insurance is a wise way to protect yourself and your vehicle.

Off Road Vehicle Insurance can cover your:

  • dune buggy
  • dirt bike
  • snow mobile
  • all terrain vehicle (ATV)
  • utility vehicle (UTV)
  • go cart
  • golf cart

You auto insurance policy may cover a small portion in the event that something happens to you or your Off Road Vehicle. They say there is a price to pay for thrill seeking out there. We say, don’t let that price come out of your pocket.

Off Road Vehicle coverage may include:

  • Bodily Injury Liability- in case you or someone else gets hurt and needs medical attention
  • Property Damage Liability- if you are at fault in an accident where there is property damage
  • Collision Coverage- for repairs in the event of a collision
  • Comprehensive Coverage- for repairs in the event that damaged is incurred by flooding, wind, vandalism, theft or other reasons that do not involve a crash with another vehicle

Enjoying life to the fullest doesn’t mean the fun has to stop when a damaging incident occurs. Protect your fun rides with an Off Road Vehicle Insurance policy that suits your pleasure.

Our agents can’t wait to help keep your adventures in top shape.