Directors and Officers Liability

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

We know you have the best intentions for the success of your company beginning with your Directors and Officers. Making high-level business decisions will always entail a level of risk that can be directly related to your actions.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance may protect any officer or director of a company from damages resulting from any wrongful act committed while serving in that position.

Examples of damaging circumstances include:

  • error
  • misstatement
  • omission
  • misleading statement
  • breach of duty

The difference between an Error & Omissions policy and a Directors and Officers Liability policy is that it specifically applies to the executive team’s performance rather than a product or service failure.

An important topic to consider is that from a business standpoint, many investors prefer to have a certain level of protection and require a D&O policy to be put in place before any funding is provided. You may also find some policies that offer the same amount of coverage for employees.

Our specially trained agents are available to ensure your business is protected in all areas, especially at an executive level. Don’t catch your company in the midst of a vulnerable and risky situation. Get a good Directors and Officers Liability Insurance policy to help protect the well being of your company.