Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability Insurance for your business

In today’s workplace environment, just one lawsuit can completely sink your business making it very challenging to recover meriting protection for Employment Practices Liability. A Human Resources Management Report has indicated that there is an increase in lawsuits on an international scale.

There are 2 main factors that contribute to the rise in lawsuits today:

  • Economy
  • an Increase in fraud, misconduct and illegal acts

It’s nice to be able to fully trust your employees, but trusting them to make the right professional decision 100% of the time is simply unrealistic. It is no surprise that just one poor business decision can adversely have a ripple effect that passes on to all aspects of your business.

Employment Practices Liability insurance will help protect your assets if you have:

  • employees
  • ever dismissed anyone from their job
  • unhappy or displeased employees
  • conduct interviews

You have the right to safeguard your business against claims that can potentially sink your business beyond recovery.

Examples of challenging claims include:

  • wages/labor
  • unfair hiring practices
  • sexual harassment

Our agents will walk you through your coverage options and quickly provide a free, comprehensive quote.